UPDATE: What’s going on with my Order? + Some good news!

We just wanted to make sure we get this out to everyone loud and clear, we had a shipping delay and if your order is still in pre-assembly don’t worry, essentially every single order we have is in the process of being built, we haven’t forgotten about your order, we wish we could give everyone an estimate when we will ship their orders but we are shipping daily and having everyone ask us when their order is going to ship delays us even further, so please know this, that we are working day and night to get these orders built and shipped out as fast as we can without affecting quality.

Also some good news, Sean recently put in his resignation to a job he has had for over 6 years, what does this mean? Well he will be able to help physically rather than remotely, so to take a perspective outlook on this he had a stable job which he loved, and will miss greatly, the people he worked for were more than just co-workers, they were family. Now he will be focusing 100% on CSIO Technologies, so just hold on a little bit longer, we will get all orders shipped out.


Thank you for understanding,
-CSIO Team